Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Social Media Overload

I'm starting to become overwhelmed with all the social media sites. I resisted Twitter for a long time, but I caved yesterday. For the most part I've been pretty good about keeping it simple. I killed my MySpace account years ago and have pretty much only used Facebook for keeping connected with folks I don't see on a daily basis.
There is a big push now to find a use for these tools in the enterprise. Can Twitter really be a viable business tool? There are certainly some cases of it working, Zappos and Alaska Airlines to name a couple. Though I feel those users were not born out of trying to jump on the bandwagon, but rather seeing an opportunity to communicate better with customers.
I guess to me, it boils down to each individual case. Customers are smart, if you aren't trying to communicate with them in a genuine manor they will know and respond in kind.

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