Monday, March 30, 2009

Using the Cloud

Over the years I've started countless projects by myself or with friends that have never been fully realized.  I'm still waiting for that one great idea that really drives me to create something from nothing.  In the mean time I am pretty happy bringing other people's ideas to light, most of the time.

Without giving away too much detail, one of my current client projects is a pretty cool combination of technologies.  We are building an iPhone application with Amazon Web Services back-end.  As we've been building this it has occurred to me how many of my ideas in the past died because we would get bogged down in the details about where and how we were going to host it rather than just building it.

It's thrilling to see all these cloud computing services springing up that really level the playing field for anyone with an idea to deploy, and more importantly scale if they find success.

I still don't have that one great idea, but I feel like the roadblocks that existed in years past have lessened.

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