Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My First "Valley" Event

Well as a follow-up to my last post about how Seattle compares to The Valley last night I attended my first "Valley" event. A friend of mine that works for a PR firm down here told me about Mozilla's 10 year anniversary celebration that was going on last night. So I decided to check it out. It was pretty packed when I got there, but they had just made it open bar, so thanks Mozilla for the gin and tonics. There were a lot of .com folks chatting it up, a few folks that were clearly Mozilla contributors and a few valley celebrities (or so I'm told, I didn't really know who any of them were). At one point Mitchell Baker (I think) and Brendan Eich got up and thanked everyone and said some words that most of us couldn't hear. All-in-all it was an interesting experience and I hope to find my way into more of these things.

UPDATE: Here is proof that I was there, or at least that the back of my head was: http://valleywag.com/photogallery/mozilla10/1001073788

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Sara said...

stick with me, kid, and there's more of the same where that came from... ;)